Exposure Isn't Everything by Adam Jacobs

Sometimes perfect exposure doesn't always mean getting the shot that you're after. For example, in this fine-art photograph I wanted to give this stretch of Manhattan Beach  an ethereal appearance and therefore chose to use my histograms to over-expose the image, defying normal convention. This produced a somewhat dreamy effect helped by the already hazy conditions.

I really like this effect as it helps to draw attention to composition and color as well as creating a very specific mood. I'm therefore working on a series of these shots with a similar effect from different beaches. I've included another one here with a similar effect achieved from a beach in Miami. 

Adam Jacobs Photography Fine Art Landscape Photo California Manhattan Beach For Sale
Miami Beach Adam Jacobs Photography Fine Art For Sale Photo

Tidal Pools by Adam Jacobs

I found these really unique tidal pools on the outskirts of La Jolla whilst on a trip to Southern California last week. I loved how the rock formations and pools of water gave the beach an almost lunar-esque appearance and it provided plenty to work with in terms of interesting foreground subject and composition. Given that it was the holidays, I was fortunate that the beach was relatively empty and although I didn't quite get the sunset and clouds I was hoping for, here are two of my favourites from a great location. I'll definitely be heading back here soon! 

La Jolla Tidal Pools Adam Jacobs Photography Landscapes For Sale Sunset
La Jolla Tidal Pools Adam Jacobs Photography Landscapes For Sale Sunset 2

Iphone X - Big Sur Black and White by Adam Jacobs

I've recently got an IPhoneX and have been really impressed with the quality of the camera. I therefore wanted to test it more thoroughly on a trip last week at one of my favourite locations, the Big Sur that is situated on the Pacific Coast Highway and is perhaps the most dramatic stretch of coastal road in the whole US. I shot all of the photographs direct from the phone using the in-built black and white filter and wanted to see how good the dynamic range was at capturing high contrast scenes. The selection you see below are therefore all completely unedited and native straight from the IphoneX. 

Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 2.jpg
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 3.JPG
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 4.jpg
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 5.JPG
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 6.jpg
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 7.JPG
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 8.jpg
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo.JPG
Adam Jacobs Landscape Black and White California IPhoneX Photo 10.JPG

Kenmore Camera Show Workshops by Adam Jacobs

I just taught a series of photography workshops at the Kenmore Camera Show just outside of Seattle. The show is the largest photography show on the West Coast of the USA and it was great to teach so many enthusiastic people on how to improve both their landscape and macro photography. Many thanks to Manfrotto for sponsoering my workshops! 

Adam Jacobs Photography Landscape Workshop Kenmore Camera Show Photos-3.jpg
Kenmore Camera Show Photos-4.jpg
Adam Jacobs Photography Landscape Kenmore Camera Show Photos-2.jpg

Pigeon Point + Milky Way by Adam Jacobs

Pigeon Point is the largest lighthouse on the West Coast of the US. The lighthouse gets its name after the ship Carrier Pigeon which wrecked here in 1853 on its journey from Boston to San Francisco and is still fully operational. It has been guiding ships up and down the rugged California coastline since 1871 and emits a distinguishable bright white light every ten seconds. 

I have been waiting for the right time to photograph the lighthouse and with clear skies and a full moon this weekend I took the drive out there along Highway 1. With perfect conditions and very little wind, I spent a couple of hours watching the sun going down, the stars come out and whilst standing and chatting to some stargazers captured some of my favorite photos in a while. 

Pigeon Point_Lighthouse Star Milky Way Landscape Photography
Pigeon Point Lighthouse Adam Jacobs Photography San Francisco California Landscape Milky Way
Pigeon Point_Adam Jacobs Photography Stars Milky Way Astrophotography California Highway 1

A Bolt Out The Blue by Adam Jacobs

My thoughts have been with all of those affected by Irma and Harvey and I feel very lucky to currently be blessed with almost constant great weather and Californian blue skies (especially being a London native!)

However, last night we had our own dose of weird and wonderful weather as an electrical storm passed through San Francisco. I quickly got to the best vantage point I knew for blue hour, making sure I had as much of the city skyline and the new Salesforce tower (soon to be the tallest skyscrape in the city) in frame and managed to catch this bolt of lightning flash across the sky. 

I really like how this photo evokes the energy and vibrancy of such a fast moving and innovative city. 

San Francisco Lightening Bolt Cityscape Salesforce Tower Adam Jacobs Photography California

Picture Of Life Exhibition - REP Birmingham May 2017 by Adam Jacobs

I partnered with Manfrotto and BID (one of the UKs biggest charities to help the deaf community) to create the Picture of Life programme which was designed to help young deaf people who had experienced difficult situations and social exclusions. We wanted to use the power of photography to help participants learn a new skill set, improve their confidence and help get them into the workplace. I have taught many workshops but creating ones for the deaf community I thought would create some challenges. Notably, how I would be able to communicate concepts and theories and get the participants to really engage and enjoy photography. However, with the help of two fantastic signers (It's amazing how quickly these guys can interpret what you say), communication barriers were quickly broken. 

Indeed, the project has far exceeded our expectations and an exhibition of photography work created by the deaf talented participants has just launched in central Birmingham showing the exceptional work that they managed to produced. The exhibition will also show behind the scenes images to give some insight into the project, and the participants will be available to discuss their experience and answer any questions on the night. The project is one of the most rewarding I have done in my career and it was amazing to see how photography has the power to quite literally change lives. 

Below is a short video about the project that also shows some of the phenomenal photo results taken by participants as a result of he workshops. You have to bear in mind that when they started the course with very little confidence and marginilized from workplaces (ridiculous given that they are normal, people just like you and I), no one in the group knew how to hold a camera, put a battery in or insert a memory card. However, by the conclusion of the course, they were all taking professional quality results as well as blossoming as people and personalities in terms of their confidence; incredibly rewarding for myself as an educator and teacher. 

Below are also some of the press releases from the exhibition along with some behind the scenes images from in studio and on location around Birmingham: 




BTS Library (5 of 10).jpg

Bubbles at St Pauls by Adam Jacobs

Whilst teaching a photography workshop along the Thames in London last weekend at sunset, I was emphasising the need to always be prepared as a photographer as you never want to miss a moment. As I was explaining this we stumbled across a guy using a slingshot type machine to blow huge bubbles right by Millenium bridge. This was a great opportunity to create something fun, colourful and artistic using the iconic St Pauls Cathedral as a backdrop. After firing off quite a few frames below was my favourite...

Adam Jacobs Photography St Pauls Cathedral Fine Art Photo London

We also had time to turn around and capture people scurrying across the bridge as the sun set behind the bridge silhouetting them against a gorgeous sky. The beauty of photography is wherever you are, It's amazing what opportunities can present themselves...you just have to be ready to take advantage of them. Happy Snapping!! 

Adam Jacobs Millenium Bridge Sunset Photograph Fine Art London

Hidden Treasure by Adam Jacobs

I'm always scoping out good spots for shooting when visiting new cities and have been doing a lot of reading on the best spot in San Francisco to get a great cityscape photograph. I'd shot from Baker Beach, the Marin headlands and this shot from the Oakland Hills in the East Bay but wanted something that showed more of the downtown area and the bay in its entirety.

Adam Jacobs Photography - Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Landscape Photograph at Sunset

I had gone backwards and forwards over the Bay Bridge a number of times passing Treasure Island but, had never thought to stop there as had always been in a rush to get to the East Bay or back to the City. The artificial island was originally a military base and only has a tiny exit off the I80 freeway when crossing the bridge - it's very easy to miss!!  Here's a screeenshot so you you locate it - the grey pin is where I eventually ended up standing to shoot a panorama: 

Adam Jacobs Photography Best Locations San Francisco

However, I cannot recommend visiting the Island highly enough. It offers spectacular views back onto the city spanning all the way from the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Downtown and the Bay Bridge - you can literally see everything! Unlike many scenic spots similar in other cities I've visited, at Treasure Island it's easy to park right at the sea front and seemed relatively safe. I was able to wander up and down the shoreline with my tripod, unobstructed and not bothered by any pesky security guards.

Photographer Adam Jacobs photographing The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California at Sunset. 

I arrived about half an hour before sunset and captured a few frames as the sun spectacularly went down behind the Golden Gate Bridge. However, what I really wanted to capture was 'blue hour' - that magical time about twenty minutes after the sun sets; by far and away my favourite time to shoot a city - as the lights begin to come on, illuminating the city and creating a great contrast. Below is a 12 stitch photo panoramic I created which shows a view stretching from the Bay Bridge, across the Financial District and includes The Ferry Building and Coit Tower. 

San Francisco Panorama at Twilight - Adam Jacobs Photography Landscape Photograph

With San Francisco's constantly changing weather conditions, I would encourage multiple trips as everytime you visit, you will get a different set of shots. This really is a hidden treasure!

Sun sets behind Golden Gate Bridge - Fine Art Black and White Landscape Photography For Sale Adam Jacobs