Pigeon Point + Milky Way / by Adam Jacobs

Pigeon Point is the largest lighthouse on the West Coast of the US. The lighthouse gets its name after the ship Carrier Pigeon which wrecked here in 1853 on its journey from Boston to San Francisco and is still fully operational. It has been guiding ships up and down the rugged California coastline since 1871 and emits a distinguishable bright white light every ten seconds. 

I have been waiting for the right time to photograph the lighthouse and with clear skies and a full moon this weekend I took the drive out there along Highway 1. With perfect conditions and very little wind, I spent a couple of hours watching the sun going down, the stars come out and whilst standing and chatting to some stargazers captured some of my favorite photos in a while. 

Pigeon Point_Lighthouse Star Milky Way Landscape Photography
Pigeon Point Lighthouse Adam Jacobs Photography San Francisco California Landscape Milky Way
Pigeon Point_Adam Jacobs Photography Stars Milky Way Astrophotography California Highway 1