Over The Golden Gate by Adam Jacobs

With just one day off from my commission to shoot the Super Bowl in San Francisco and all of the razz ma tazz that goes along with it, I decided to escape the throngs of football fans and get out of the city to the quiet oasis of the Marin Headlands just over the Golden Gate Bridge. Indeed, one of the things I love about San Fran, is that in just a couple of miles you can be surrounded by stunning natural scenery, soaring, peaceful Redwoods and such clean fresh air making it incredibly easy to unwind. Here's a couple of my favourite shots from the day: 

Adam Jacobs_Landscape Travel Photography_San Francisco_1
Adam Jacobs_Landscape Travel Photography_San Francisco_2
Adam Jacobs_Landscape Travel Photography_San Francisco_3
Adam Jacobs_Landscape Travel Photography_San Francisco_4
Adam Jacobs_Landscape Travel Photography_San Francisco_5
Adam Jacobs_Landscape Travel Photography_San Francisco_6

Como Sunsets by Adam Jacobs

I'm fortunate enough to be in Lake Como at the moment teaching some workshops. The beauty of the scenery here is breathtaking. I'll be sharing lots of shots in due course but here are two 100+ stich panorama that I took just a few hours apart. The first was taken as the fog rolled in magnificently between the mountains and the second during one of the most spectacular sunsets that I've ever seen.  

Adam Jacobs_Landscape Photography_Italy_Lake Como_Art
Adam Jacobs_Landscape Photography_Lake Como_Italy

California Blues by Adam Jacobs

With Winter drawing in and the nights getting shorter, I can't help but crave some Californian sunshine. Here's a panorama taken of the Hollywood Sign and surrounding hills from up by the Griffiths Observatory contrasted with a skater catching some air at Venice Beach...

Latest Press by Adam Jacobs

I've been getting a lot of press recently which is great ranging from photography blogs writing on my work, being interviewed on the radio including Ireland's largest talk and the attached piece which was just published in the Daily Mail/Mail Online. Just click on the picture to read the story: 

The Milky Way by Adam Jacobs

High up at 9000ft in the meadows of one of my favourite National Parks, Yosemite in California it was amazing to see the Milky Way clearer than I had ever witnessed before. Using a long exposure and manually focusing the camera to infinity, my camera was able to bring out the wonder of the sky above that was so clearly visible given that I was away from the light pollution of the city. I included some foreground elements to contextualize the grandeur and vastness of our universe. This shot is going to look great blown up big! 

Adam Jacobs_Milky Way Space Photograph