"Paddington" Film Campaign / by Adam Jacobs

With the film, "Paddington" released today, I am able to publish some of the images that I was commissioned to shoot a couple of months ago by the agency ThinkJam that make up much of the advertising and campaign work used to promote the film. The photographs have been used across all social media channels, each with its own humorous caption, helping to build hype around the movie whilst also being distributed across various other PR platforms with distribution gaining gradual momentum before the film's release today. 

The concept of the shoot was to photograph all images from  a 'bear eye's point of view' whilst remaining true to the iconic brand by using authentic props from the film alongside various other miscellaneous items that we felt complemented each shot. Thus, the images represent Paddington Bear's life as he gets up to mischief both around London and mainly within the Brown's house after arriving in London from deepest, darkest Peru.

The shoot was great fun surrounded by tons of baked goods (Paddington likes his shortbread and cakes!), ALOT of marmalade and a great team of people. Now, off to the cinema to see the movie!