I'm a Black Rapid Ambassador by Adam Jacobs

I'm delighted to announce that I've now a BlackRapid ambassador. I've used their camera straps for quite a while and even before my association with the company firmly believe that their the best in the business.

When your out shooting long hours and carrying around heavy equipment, comfort is key and being able to take any kind of weight off your shoulders. The array of straps and other camera accessories that BlackRapid provides are invaluable in taking strain of your back and shoulders which will not only save you many a trip to the chiropractor or masseuse but also make every shoot more enjoyable whilst ensuring you can concentrate on creating the best images possible.

I'll be posting video reviews of some of their latest products in the months to come so keep an eye out. 

In the meantime, check out their site for the huge range of products available for all different types of shooter and below is a photo of me using their Double Breathe Strap to ensure my cameras were going nowhere whilst on a rooftop in San Diego last week. 

Adam Jacobs Photographer Black Rapid Ambassador California Fine Art Photography
Adam Jacobs Photography Black Rapid Ambassador Professional Photographer San Francisco Bay Area California