Fine Art

Tidal Pools by Adam Jacobs

I found these really unique tidal pools on the outskirts of La Jolla whilst on a trip to Southern California last week. I loved how the rock formations and pools of water gave the beach an almost lunar-esque appearance and it provided plenty to work with in terms of interesting foreground subject and composition. Given that it was the holidays, I was fortunate that the beach was relatively empty and although I didn't quite get the sunset and clouds I was hoping for, here are two of my favourites from a great location. I'll definitely be heading back here soon! 

La Jolla Tidal Pools Adam Jacobs Photography Landscapes For Sale Sunset
La Jolla Tidal Pools Adam Jacobs Photography Landscapes For Sale Sunset 2

Bubbles at St Pauls by Adam Jacobs

Whilst teaching a photography workshop along the Thames in London last weekend at sunset, I was emphasising the need to always be prepared as a photographer as you never want to miss a moment. As I was explaining this we stumbled across a guy using a slingshot type machine to blow huge bubbles right by Millenium bridge. This was a great opportunity to create something fun, colourful and artistic using the iconic St Pauls Cathedral as a backdrop. After firing off quite a few frames below was my favourite...

Adam Jacobs Photography St Pauls Cathedral Fine Art Photo London

We also had time to turn around and capture people scurrying across the bridge as the sun set behind the bridge silhouetting them against a gorgeous sky. The beauty of photography is wherever you are, It's amazing what opportunities can present just have to be ready to take advantage of them. Happy Snapping!! 

Adam Jacobs Millenium Bridge Sunset Photograph Fine Art London

Californian Light in Black and White by Adam Jacobs

I have been blown away by the quality of light in California on my trip here. Yesterday, I took a short trip out of San Francisco to Ocean Beach and spent a hours just observing people wandering along the beach as beautiful light refracted, reflected and bounced off the ocean casting all kinds of shadows and interesting shapes and lines. 

These three images were some of the favorite that I shot with the figures showing the scale of the beach and the ocean; this is especially noticeable in the photograph of a sole man wading in the Pacific (the middle one) which is perhaps favorites . Black and white conversion helped accentuate the strong highlights and shadows and really bring out the dynamic range in these images; I just can't get enough of those rich, velvety blacks. 

Adam Jacobs Photography California San Francisco Beach Landscape Fine Art Dog
Adam Jacobs Photography Fine Art Black and White California San Francisco Beach
Adam Jacobs Photography Fine Art Black and White Photography Landscape California San Francisco SeaScape Ocean



UK Abandoned Spaces by Adam Jacobs

After spending time documenting Abandoned Spaces across the United States, I have been finally devoted some time to shooting some of these dilapidated places closer to home in the UK. I've already shot a plethora of photographs from some amazing sites but what better place to start than with the largest abandoned site in London - it's 62 acres and as you can imagine is going to take some time to do it fully justice!! However, here's a black and white fine art image from inside one of the old factories on the site which I particularly like - even though it was a relatively cloudy day the light infiltrated through the girders and huge windows just enough to give some gorgeous dappled light which I think juxtaposes beautifully with the old Victorian checked floor. 

Adam Jacobs Fine Art Photography - Abandoned Warehouse in Black and White, East London.