Changes To Our Privacy Policy - Keeping Your Data Safe by Adam Jacobs

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With the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules coming into effect on May 25th, the data laws are changing for the better. We want to reassure you that we treat your details carefully and your data with the utmost respect and security.  So we've updated our Privacy Policy to reflect how we collect, protect and handle your personal information. This means that we can continue to keep you updated on gallery openings, workshops, gear reviews, Adam's adventures and of course, continue to share beautiful photographs. Anyone who is currently on our mailing list will have received an email regarding these changes but if you have any questions at any time you can contact us at




UK Abandoned Spaces by Adam Jacobs

After spending time documenting Abandoned Spaces across the United States, I have been finally devoted some time to shooting some of these dilapidated places closer to home in the UK. I've already shot a plethora of photographs from some amazing sites but what better place to start than with the largest abandoned site in London - it's 62 acres and as you can imagine is going to take some time to do it fully justice!! However, here's a black and white fine art image from inside one of the old factories on the site which I particularly like - even though it was a relatively cloudy day the light infiltrated through the girders and huge windows just enough to give some gorgeous dappled light which I think juxtaposes beautifully with the old Victorian checked floor. 

Adam Jacobs Fine Art Photography - Abandoned Warehouse in Black and White, East London.