Late Summer in Yosemite by Adam Jacobs

Yosemite National Park is such a special place to photograph. It has something for everyone: enormous Sequoia trees, cascading waterfalls, beautiful meadows and of course those awe-inspiring iconic granite cliffs and rock formations including El Capitan and Half Dome (from which the North Face Logo is based)

I made a quick trip there last weekend in between some jobs to capture some landscape photos following the recent fires. It was so sad to see the massive devestation caused by the Ferguson fire which was especially noticeable when driving into the valley off the road from Wawona. However, fortunately much of the beauty and majesty of the park remains intact.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks to photograph some fall color.

Fun fact…Yosemite has more granite formations than anywhere else on the planet!!

Photographing Venice at Midnight by Adam Jacobs

During a recent trip to visit the HQ of Manfrotto in Bassono Del Grappo in Italy, I was fortunate enough to have an evening free to explore Venice. Giorgio, who looks after all of Manfrotto's ambassadors globally, kindly agreed to be my guide for the evening and it was fantastic to have a local show me around the winding streets and canals of this historic, beautiful and unique city.

We braved temperatures of about -3C and spent around four hours traversing the streets and discovering the beauty of Venice by night under a clear, starry sky. The cold worked to our advantage as the city was deserted adding to its mystery and charm - Giorgio explained the history of this unique place and showed me some beautiful hidden gems that you would never find as a tourist. I still can't quite believe Venice has managed to remain so unique with it only being accessible by boat, having no road names, and maintaining a charm that is unrivaled in no other place I've been to. The advantage of photographing Venice at night is that you do not have to deal with the hoards of tourists and it is so easy to get lost amongst the winding canals, bridges and streets as you discover hidden gem after gem to shoot. Below are just a couple of my favourite photos from our walk. 

P.s. If you're going to shoot Venice at night a sturdy and light tripod is essential. Firstly, there is not much ambient light so you are going to want to use long shutter speeds and secondly you are going to have to a lot of walking...I'd carry as light weight a tripod as you can and think about how much gear you want to take before heading out...your legs, shoulders and back will thank you later! 

Floating Gondolas in Venice, Adam Jacobs Photography 
Adam Jacobs Photography Venice Grand Canal Landscape Picture Italy Travel 2
Adam Jacobs Photography Venice Landscape Picture Italy Travel 3
Adam Jacobs Photography Venice Canal Night Long Exposure Landscape Picture Italy Travel
Adam Jacobs Photography Venice St Marks Square Landscape Picture Italy Travel
Adam Jacobs Photography Venice Canal Landscape Picture Italy Travel





Latest Press by Adam Jacobs

I've been getting a lot of press recently which is great ranging from photography blogs writing on my work, being interviewed on the radio including Ireland's largest talk and the attached piece which was just published in the Daily Mail/Mail Online. Just click on the picture to read the story: 

Abandoned High Schools by Adam Jacobs

As part of my ongoing "Abandoned Spaces" project, I have began to incorporate more and more abandoned high schools;  they are both visually rich and eery in terms of their aesthetic as well as a poignant remark on the collapsed urban geographies of some of today's post-modern cities. Further, it is a space that everyone can relate to. We all went to school at some point so seeing abandoned lockers, strewn books, disused science rooms and empty assembly halls reminds us that everything is temporary; both our lives and these often grand and sprawling spaces. 

Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 1
Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 2
Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 3
Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 4
Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 6
Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 7
Adam Jacobs Abandoned School Art Photography 8