San Francisco Skyline Panorama by Adam Jacobs

I've been waiting for the perfect late Spring storm to get some really cool cloud formations above the city. After visiting the same spot a few times before but conditions never quite being right for the picture that I wanted to create, I tried again late last week.... I was in luck!  Epic, booming clouds were forming over San Francisco after sunset which provided the perfect opportunity to create a stitched panorama of the whole Bay, stretching all the way from Twin Peaks to the Golden Gate Bridge and encompassing everything in between including the Bay Bridge, new Salesforce Tower (the tallest skyscraper on the West Coast) and the TransAmerica building. This is a stitch of 12 photographs and I love the eerie colors that the sunset caused with the beautiful purple and yellow hues. 

With Summer now starting, the bay will spend a significant amount of time shrouded in fog in the early mornings and evenings so I was happy to get this before "Karl" (the local name that San Franciscans give to the fog) sets in for the next few months; I'm excited though to capture some photos of this unique weather phenomena.

In the meantime though, here is the resultant San Francisco cityscape panorama of the skyline. Please enquire if you would like to license or purchase this image. 

Tidal Pools by Adam Jacobs

I found these really unique tidal pools on the outskirts of La Jolla whilst on a trip to Southern California last week. I loved how the rock formations and pools of water gave the beach an almost lunar-esque appearance and it provided plenty to work with in terms of interesting foreground subject and composition. Given that it was the holidays, I was fortunate that the beach was relatively empty and although I didn't quite get the sunset and clouds I was hoping for, here are two of my favourites from a great location. I'll definitely be heading back here soon! 

La Jolla Tidal Pools Adam Jacobs Photography Landscapes For Sale Sunset
La Jolla Tidal Pools Adam Jacobs Photography Landscapes For Sale Sunset 2