Californian Light in Black and White / by Adam Jacobs

I have been blown away by the quality of light in California on my trip here. Yesterday, I took a short trip out of San Francisco to Ocean Beach and spent a hours just observing people wandering along the beach as beautiful light refracted, reflected and bounced off the ocean casting all kinds of shadows and interesting shapes and lines. 

These three images were some of the favorite that I shot with the figures showing the scale of the beach and the ocean; this is especially noticeable in the photograph of a sole man wading in the Pacific (the middle one) which is perhaps favorites . Black and white conversion helped accentuate the strong highlights and shadows and really bring out the dynamic range in these images; I just can't get enough of those rich, velvety blacks. 

Adam Jacobs Photography California San Francisco Beach Landscape Fine Art Dog
Adam Jacobs Photography Fine Art Black and White California San Francisco Beach
Adam Jacobs Photography Fine Art Black and White Photography Landscape California San Francisco SeaScape Ocean